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Chongqing Cuken Technical Company Ltd is a privately owned joint stock hi-tech company which combines design, research and production.
Our company’s philosophy is based on quality and cutting-edge technology. We treat the customer as king, respond to market demand, and continually strive to develop our service. Over recent years, our company has achieved the highest standards with an emphasis on technology, quality and efficiency.
Our company has a strong research and development capability with an expert team of engineers in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and hydraulic pressure. The company has strong human resources and it possesses strong hard infrastructure. We are conveniently located in the Industrial Park in Chongqing’s Development District, xxx km from the city’s international airport.
Chongqing Cuken is able to draw on the special mechanical and electrical teaching and scientific research strengths of Chongqing University, one of China’s key national universities. Our current key products are the Reducer (Gearbox), Pressure Gauge, Synthetical Experiment Equipment and Digital Service Execution. We have applied for utility-type patents and national awards for a number of items. The total output value of the company amounts to ??US$16million/year, while total exports amount to US$8 million/year.

Our guarantee of advanced technology and reliable quality has made our company’s products the first choice brand both in China and overseas. Throughout the company has persisted in producing quality products, continued to improve our service and innovated to meet customer demand. We thrive on providing excellent products and services for both old and new customers.

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