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Enterprise culture: It has included enterprise spirit,superior quality,value pursue,civilized behavior,which are deciding our company to continue the development.Chongqing CUKEN Technical Co.,Ltd uses up the heart to serve with every effort for the general customers.By higher quality products,a more effective service repay the society and general consumers.Establishes a company,accomplishes one group of talented people,founds set of systems,creates one kind of culture.First must have two qualities:Broad ideal and management technology.A good staff,the qualified administrative cadre's difference lies in management ability,specially solves the problem and the processing question ability.Has had the various skill and study raises,our company can go out a new road in the education equipment aspect,can unceasing continue the development.Our company makes long-term attentions to research and development management,quality control,service management,marketing management.
Enterprise pledge:
"For each staff biggest development space,lets staff's each contribution all obtain the repayment".The enterprise acts according to staff's different characteristic,the optimum composition,achieves enables each person to develop his talents,enables each the staffs which has the ability,has the dedication to work all with the enterprise unceasing realization,surmounting,again to realize together.
Talented person strategy:The talented person will be the source power which the enterprise unceasingly will develop,staff's future iscreates the Yin principle the future;Creates the Yin principle is thesoil which the talented person is willing to take root,creates the Yin principle the enterprise is each staff's enterprise,we treasure the talented person,hand in hand altogether will create the future.
Staff spirit: The cooperation,the offer,the good faith,honest,the unity,are diligently highly effective.Positively develops the intelligence and the ON potential,diligently wins the prestige for the enterprise;Sets up the ambition for enterprise's development,wins the benefit,and obtains the self- realization.
Subject idea:The whole molds various staffs noble personal character,take business as the family,take customer as on.
Values: honestly and faithful .
Management objective:Source to education,service education,and education communal development.

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