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Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge        Intelligent Pressure Gauges is set measurement, display, and control of pressure gauges, the use of light instead of ordinary rings manometer targets; Relay also have the function of pressure, pressure to detect and control. Effectively avoiding the traditional instrument target vulnerable impact damage and the general pressure switch has output insufficiency.
        The Pressure Gauges used precision non-contact sensor, non-contact form signal conversion device. Through the integrated amplifier and programmable microcontroller pressure signal processing, use the direct-viewing demonstration to show the current set pressure and pressure values; can judge Intelligently the current pressure and the pressure to set the margin, highly sensitive relay accurate, real-time output signal switches, relays the pressure to achieve function; also to be extended to the pressure signals are converted to standard output signal transmission.
        Be suitable to common actuating medium and the special place and so on environment oil, gas, water pressure survey monitoring. High sensitivity of the instrument to respond to rapid, high-precision control without delay, jumping and so forth.The Pressure Gauges has anti-environmental vibration, pulsation and medium impact load characteristics; The output is clear and stable; Responsive and reliable switching signal, the system can be achieved automatically programmed and security. The Pressure Gauges Pointer electric contact pressure gauge, the pressure switch ideal substitution products.
Technical  parameters:

Min-off pressure MPa

Max-off pressure MPa



Precision Switches

Maximum allowable switching frequency times/min








0—16 0.5 10 ≤2 ≤1.5 ≤1.5 >120
0—25 1 24 ≤2 ≤1.5 ≤1.5 >100
0—40 1 38 ≤2 ≤1.5 ≤1.5 >100

Temperature:-25℃ ~ 70℃ ;
Grading Protection: IP54 ;
Voltage: DC 24V ;   AC 220V;
Relay contact: 2A/DC30V ;   2A/AC240V;
Switch life: >1 million ;
Connections: M14×1.5 ;
Implementation of standards: JB/T6802-1993 JB/JQ2020-88

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