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Reducer (Gearbox)

Hybrid Stepping Motor

Stepping Motor Driver

Brushless DC Motor(BLDC)

Brushless DC Motor Driver
Pressure Gauge
Digital Servo Execution
Synthetical Experiment Equipmente

Digital Servo Execution
  Digeital Servo Execution     Digeital Servo Execution
Digital Intelligent Actuator features :
microprocessor-based, two-way remote communication to achieve configuration, debugging, diagnostic and data management functions, control precision management system and the amount of access to remote areas feature show superiority.

The Positioner Technology Indicators:
Output : digital signal CAN way;
Baud Rate Transmission : 10kbs to 1Mbs;

Electric Actuator Technology Indicators:
Itinerary : 10 ~ 30mm;
Basic Error : ± 2.5%;
Output : digital signal CAN way;
Baud Rate Transmission : 10kbs to 1Mbs.

Digital hydraulic servo system(CK-HSS-001):
                                          Digital hydraulic servo system
Experiment 1: PLC, Digital Servo valve grating with the closed-loop control experiment tank;
Experiment 2: Digital Servo valve on the tank precision open-loop control experiment;
Experiment 3: Digital Servo valve on the fuel tank of speed, position control experiment;
Experiment 4: Digital Servo Motors angular displacement, velocity control experiment;
Experiment 5: The mechanical-hydraulic servo hydraulic system speed, position control

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