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 NN60  REDUCER (Gearbox)
NN60 Reducer
NN60 Reducer
       CUKEN Technical the latest launch stepper motor/servo motor series precision reducer, which using planetary transmission designed,superior product characteristics:
  • The structure is compact, with the smallest size of the existing models reducer(Gearbox);
  • More teeth、average load,gear meshing with the low-speed transmission;
  • Large Torque Transfer, Broad Ratio Scope;
  • High efficiency ,Large radial-carrying capacity;
  • Backlash small gap,transfer of high precision;
  • Installation is simple, coaxial output;
  • Little fever; Low noise; Longevity; Low prices。
  • Attention:We can provide the reducer of  5-10000 deceleration ratios according to customer's need.
  • NN60 Reducer(Gearbox) Performance Specifications
  • 二,Performance Specification(一):
  •   Type
    B Flange Length 65×65
    B1 Output  Key Size 5×5
    B2 Input  Key  Size  
    M1 Mounting thread X Depth M5×12
    M2 Mounting thread Y Depth M5×12
    H1 Output Key Height 16
    H2 Input Key Height  
    D1 Output Flange Holes Circle 70
    D2 Output Shaft Diameter 14
    D3 Output Diameter 40
    D4 Input Pinion Bore 8
    D5 Input Center Bore For Motor 38.1
    D6 Intput Flange Hole Circle 66.67
    L1 Output Key Length 25
    L2 Distance Form Shaft End 2.5
    L3 Output Spigot Depth 3
    L4 Motor Location Depth 3.5
    L5 Motor Shaft Length 30
    L6 Shaft Length Form Output 35
    L7 Body Length 80
    L8 Overall Length 115
    Attention:The above reducer size can request to make to order according to the customers.
    三,Performance Specification(二):
    Type NN60 Ratio

    Output Torque
    15 5
    20 7
    20 8
    25 10
    25 15
    30 20
    30 30
    40 40
    40 60
    40 80
    45 100
    45 150
    45 200
    Ultimate Torque 1.5 ~ 2 times' rated output torque

    Type   NN60
    Frmax.for2000h N 480
    Famax.for2000h N 310
    Efficiency With full Load % >90%
    Average Lifetime h >10000(h)
    Weight Kg 1.5
    Backlash (Precision/High-precision) Arcmin ≤30/10
    Running Noise dB(A) ≤60
    Max Input Speed Min-1 4000
    Advised Input Speed Min-1 2000
    Torsional Rigidity N.m/Arcmin 2.5
    Direction Of Rotation   Contrary With Input
    Lubrication   Don't Need A Maintenance
    Degree Of Protection   IP55
    Installation Position   Any Variable


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